October 31st 2014...Happy Halloween!!

October 31st 2014...Happy Halloween!!

WARM UP - Coach's Choice

WOD - EMOM x 18mins:

3 rounds of:
Min 1: Max Burpees
Min 2: Max KB Swings 53/35
Min 3:Max Cal on Air Assault
Min 4:Max Ab Mat or GHD Sit Ups
Min 5: Max Wall Balls
Min 6: Max Cal on Rower

  • Because of the number of Air Assault Bikes, athletes can start at different places on the list of movements but will rotate in the same order as above. 
  • Adv/ Comp - Do 4 rounds (24 mins)

STRENGTH - Weighted Pull Ups

  • 10 mins to complete 5 x 5
  • You pick a challenging weight.
  • If you normally do banded pull ups, try going down to a smaller band.


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