Saturday Team WOD Photos!!

Saturday Team WOD Photos!!

Saturday AM Team WOD Briefing!!! Lets Move Large Loads, Long Distance QUICKLY!!!

Little Push and Pull Action here!!

It's sit up time inside. Look at the Hip action by Miguel!!!

Nice job to one of our Newest Members "Swendog"!

Team Miguel loading up the sled for the big pull!!!

Jordan, Ashley and Lauren gettin' it done!

Keep that sled moving people!!

Jana not gonna get involved with this dirty old tire just as yet!

Now she's ready to jump in!! Great job Jana!!

Team CBJ started the Push/Pull sled off with a small load, ended up hurting them in the team totals!!

Let's change thing up a little here!!

Coach Phil watching over this Heavy Load!! Love the Team work here!!


Scoreboard tells the story of the Saturday WOD!! Great Job everybody!! Special thanks to Coach Phil and Jordan for getting there early with me and Heather to help set everything up!!

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