Thursday, October 30th - Happy Mobility Day!!

Thursday, October 30th - Happy Mobility Day!!


SKILL - Mobility


  • Move 500 lbs / 300 lbs - 1 mile as quickly as possible
    • You are going to run 1 mile in 8 increments of 200 meters
    • Each 200m you will carry something heavy (anything you choose) with you
    • The goal is to reach 500/300 lbs total by the time you finish your 8th round of 200m
  • A few more rules:
    • break the weight up however you’d like but have a plan so the weight is distributed realistically throughout your rounds
    • The weight has to be carried ABOVE your head at least 3 of the 8 rounds so have a plan
    • 15 minute time cap so HAVE A PLAN


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